We’re looking for a new Treasurer…

• Looking to give back to your local area?
• Care about the ongoing refugee crisis, and don’t know how to help?
• Can you spare a few hours each week?

We are looking for a treasurer to oversee the financial affairs of the organisation, ensure that proper accounting records are kept and that effective financial procedures are in place. This is a key role in the organisation that needs to monitor and report back to the Board on the financial health of the Centre.

Trustees meet for approximately 1.5 to 2 hours once a month on a Saturday morning.

The role of Treasurer also requires c.2 hours per month to be spent at the Centre working with the Coordinator to understand the incoming and outgoing cash balances.

The Treasurer’s role is key to the management and administration of the financial aspects of the charity and will have overall responsibility for the following:
• overseeing/recording bank payments and receipts quarterly;
• approving and pay the monthly payroll prepared by outsourced payroll company;
• liaising with the Centre’s coordinator to set budgets/forecast and ensure financial viability of the charity;
• maintaining and monitoring the budget/forecast on a quarterly basis ready to report at trustee meetings;
• ensuring the Centre has appropriate financial reserves and financial policies in place;
• along with the Centre’s coordinator, overseeing the production and filing of the annual accounts prepared by the Centre’s external accountant;
• ensuring annual accounts and annual return is appropriately signed off and submitted to Charity Commission; and
• managing and reviewing all banking, the donations platform, HMRC queries etc.

We are an equal opportunities organisation and we welcome applications from all backgrounds and all sections of the community.

To learn more about the role, please contact our Chair of Trustees;

Melvyna Mumunie - m.mumunie@hotmail.co.uk

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